Using technology with young learners of English- Task 1: Describing people

Please see the introductory post about the project.

In the first task, students chose a character (an avatar) from Voki, a free podcast creating service, and described it recording their own voices. They answered the following questions for their descriptions.


Using technology with young learners of English- Introduction

After a long break, in this post I am going to write about the project I conducted in a young learners classroom last term. Using technology-mediated tasks with young learners of English has always been in my mind. I contacted my former student from the MA program and shared my idea with her.


New article on TPACK

Here is the second article from my dissertation on TPACK:


Abstract: The issue of what teachers need to know about technology for effective teaching has been the centre of intense debate in the recent past. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) has been proposed as a conceptual framework to describe the knowledge base teachers need for effective technology integration. The present study aimed to investigate whether and/or how Turkish pre-service teachers of English reflected their TPACK, as developed in a design study integrating coursework and field experiences, on their lesson plans and implementation. Analysis of the data coming from the lesson plans and classroom observations of three cases revealed that pre-service teachers considered the relationship among content, pedagogy and technology while planning and implementing their lessons.

For the full paper, please click here.


My Students’ Blogs

I have been offering the Technology and Materials Design Course in the department for the last few years. As the requirement of the course, students (pre-service teachers of English) are supposed to open up their personal blogs and share course related materials there. Weekly, students have assignments such as creating a podcast, preparing an online poster, creating a digital story, etc. (I will write another post later explaining these tasks in detail.) Students upload their products on their blogs and me, as the instructor, and their peers view their posts regularly. Students are also supposed to write an entry for each post to explain the task and reflect on the task completion process. Keeping a blog has many benefits for students. For example:



IATED stands for International Academy of Technology, Education and Development, an organism organising different international events to improve education in the field of Technology and Science. I have got two publications from the conferences they organised: One on the self-efficacy beliefs of pre-service teachers in relation to technology integration and one on the effects of  technology training on the attitudes of Turkish EFL teachers

On their website, there is a section called IATED Talks. You can watch some of the plenary sessions from different conferences for free.



Teacher Training Videos

The website “Teacher Training Videos” by Russell Stannard provides teachers with training videos instructing them how to use ICT tools such as blogs, wikis, IWBs, podcasts, etc. in education. Russell Stannard is a trainer in ICT and Education and has a number of publications on ICT in education.