Flipping a teacher education course

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom.  For the last two years, I have been flipping the Classroom Management course  I offer in my department (ELT).  Last year I offered the course in four sections but applied the flipped model only to one group. I collected data to measure the effectiveness of the flipped classroom against a traditionally taught classroom. Data analysis revealed better learning outcomes for students in the flipped classroom and their perceptions of the flipped classroom were quite positive (I wrote an article about this study and will share it here when it gets published- it is in the process of publication). Thus, this semester, I apply the flipped model to all groups.

Content of the Classroom Management Course was  traditionally covered by lectures. Students came to class having read the assigned chapters and they listened to the lectures usually delivered using power-point slides.  Due to the limited class time and crowded classes, not much time could be allocated for practice-based activities- which are actually must for developing classroom management skills.

Now, in the flipped model, students watch video lectures created by me and shared on Edmodo before coming to each class. All theory is covered in those video lectures. They also do an online quiz that matches the content of the video shared. Face to face classroom time is now spent carrying out practice-based interactive tasks- in pairs or groups- such as offering solutions to classroom management related problems presented in case scenarios, designing newsletters or role-playing teacher-parent meetings. This way, students have the opportunity of dealing with real classroom problems and applying their theoretical knowledge into practice.

To create videos, I used Present.me– an online service that allows users combine online presentations with audio and video streams and create links for the viewers. 

The following is the introductory video I shared with the students about their flipped course.

Here is one of my lecture videos.

I am planning to flip more courses in the coming years as I personally experience its advantages for both my teaching and students’ learning. I also recommend it to all teacher educators who are to offer theory-based courses in their departments.

I finally invite my students who are engaged in flipped learning in the Classroom Management course to share their experiences in and perceptions about it as a comment to this post.

Thank you.


One thought on “Flipping a teacher education course

  1. I am one of the students who takes Classroom Management Course in Marmara ELT Department. The idea of coming to class having read the assigned chapters and listening the lesson delivered using power point slides is the foremost thing that leads me to think that ”Yes, my teacher does all she can do so I have to do my best”I even believed she had the right to make difficult exams because she did everything to facilitate our learning. I watched every video uploaded by Gökçe Kurt every week and joined the class with all the knowledge I was supposed to carry in my head. All topics were taken, we just had to consolidate them with enjoyable activities in classes. I wish I could experience this product of labor and love more but we’re about to come to the end of the term. CM course is the best taken course by me with my teacher’s efforts and this kind of strategy to help my learning without exception. I think all educators should benefit from this latest post and help their learners be involved in their learning process more actively.

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