My Students’ Blogs

I have been offering the Technology and Materials Design Course in the department for the last few years. As the requirement of the course, students (pre-service teachers of English) are supposed to open up their personal blogs and share course related materials there. Weekly, students have assignments such as creating a podcast, preparing an online poster, creating a digital story, etc. (I will write another post later explaining these tasks in detail.) Students upload their products on their blogs and me, as the instructor, and their peers view their posts regularly. Students are also supposed to write an entry for each post to explain the task and reflect on the task completion process. Keeping a blog has many benefits for students. For example:

  • Blogs become their own personal online space- to share their voice
  • They learn how to blog and improve their blogging skills as they keep posting
  • Their blogs become an ongoing portfolio of samples of their work
  • As pre-service teachers, they experience blogging as a student themselves. Thus, they can implement it in their future classrooms with confidence.

When the course is over, I encourage the students to continue blogging. Some of them do. Here are the links to the blogs of Teodora Delibaşoğlu, Nazmi Dinçer, Halil İbrahim Aksakal and Yasin Kokarca. They all keep posting about ELT related issues. I follow them and feel very proud of them. I hope more and more students continue blogging after the course and I can share them with you.

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