Using technology with young learners of English- Task 1: Describing people

Please see the introductory post about the project.

In the first task, students chose a character (an avatar) from Voki, a free podcast creating service, and described it recording their own voices. They answered the following questions for their descriptions.

  1. What is the name of the character?
  2. What is she/he/it like? (hair colour, eyes, etc.)
  3. What is she/he/it wearing?
  4. What can she/he/it do?
  5. What does she/he/it like doing?
  6. What does she/he/it do everyday?

The handout in Turkish  (Vokikullanımı) gave step by step instruction to use Voki.  The following products were created by the students, individually, and shared on their classroom blog- which we created for this study.